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Compare Primary Wellbeing & Emotional Health Assessment Tools

Whether for KS1 or KS2, below is a comparison of wellbeing assessment packages to gauge the social, emotional and mental health of pupils. Many of the packages below will come with follow-up resources, but the primary aim of the tool is to evaluate and monitor wellbeing.


Steps Along the Way

Years 1 - 6 +

Annual Subscription

Motional is a suite of evidence-based, easy-to-use tools designed to measure, positively impact, and report on emotional health across the whole school or setting. It supports access to healthy life and learning through improved emotional wellbeing, offers guidance, activities and resources for intervention work with individual pupils or whole classes, and data to provide a ‘whole school’ approach.


GL Assessment

Years EYFS - 6 +

One-off Purchase

Social and emotional wellbeing is essential for effective learning, yet there will always be pupils who lack confidence in their learning and who don’t always feel connected with school and their teachers. PASS takes the guesswork out of understanding why this might be, focusing on three broad areas – how a pupil feels about themselves, their engagement with the curriculum, and their feelings about school.

Pupil Wellbeing Questionnaire Checklist


Years 1 - 6

Monthly/Annual Subscription

The aim of this pupil wellbeing questionnaire is to see how your students are feeling and progressing in your class. By asking the questions on this carefully-designed checklist, you will be able to see and adapt to your students' needs.

Wellbeing Measurement Framework

Anna Freud Centre

Years 1 - 6 +


In collaboration with colleagues from CORC, the University of Manchester and Common Room, EBPU have developed the Wellbeing Measurement Framework (WMF), a suite of measurement booklets for primary school, secondary school and college students. Each WMF booklet contains a set of validated questionnaires (tailored to each age group) that assess constructs such as positive wellbeing, behavioural or emotional difficulties, the presence and strength of protective factors such as perceived support at school, home and in the community, and ability to deal with stress and manage emotions.

Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning

Rising Stars

Years 3 - 6

Annual Subscription

Award-winning tool to assess pupil wellbeing and provide follow-up support with evidence-based strategies. Monitor KS2 pupils' attitudes to learning and implement strategies to help improve four key areas of pupil wellbeing: positivity, motivation, self-efficacy and resilience.

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