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Secondary Reading Interventions Compared for KS3, KS4 and KS5.

This page lists secondary reading interventions for struggling older readings. Many of these interventions will also support the transition to Year 7 as well as EAL pupils. 

LIT Programme

Hackney Services for Schools

KS3 (Year 7)

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The Literacy Intervention Toolkit (LIT) is an extraordinarily effective teaching programme. It employs evidence based strategies proven to increase progress in English and the wider curriculum for the lowest achieving students in year 7, with most making an astonishing 3-4 years of progress in a single year. 

The programme’s unique and highly collaborative method of reciprocal teaching enables students to check that they understand the content of what they are reading, make inferences based on what they have read and improve their extended writing skills.

Literacy Gold

Engaging Eyes


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Evidence Based Reading Intervention for KS3. Struggling readers become fluent readers by using Literacy Gold. The only reading intervention designed for secondary students. Improves fluency, comprehension and speed.



KS3, KS4

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By the time they reach secondary school, students are expected to have already made the leap from learning to read to reading to learn. However, each year, around 25% of students begin their secondary studies without having met age-related expectations. With the majority of secondary the curriculum presented through reading, many students are at risk of not reaching their full academic potential without additional literacy support. Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® can help. With over 30 years' experience delivering effective Structured Literacy intervention programmes, this truly personalised approach allows each student to make literacy gains quickly and develop the reading and critical thinking skills necessary to meet the demands of secondary curriculum and be exam and career-ready.


Education Works


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boostingreading@primary and boostingreading@secondary are targeted, time-limited, one-to-one interventions, designed to be delivered over a 10 week period. They are designed to improve the way children read, enabling them to be independent problem solvers who read with understanding and enjoyment.

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