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Primary KS1 & KS2 Latin Schemes of Work

Our comparison of Latin schemes of work and lesson planning for the 2014 National Curriculum. 

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Cambridge University Press

Years 3 - 6

One-off Purchase

Join in the fun with Minimus! Follow the antics of Flavius, Minimus, Vibrissa the cat and their Roman family. Roman and Greek myths are intertwined with the family's story, along with photos of artefacts from Roman digs to bring the culture of Roman Britain to life.

Pupil Book 1 (KS2) · Pupil Book 2 (Year 6+) 

Teacher's Book 1 · Teacher's Book 2

Iris Latin Course

The Iris Project

Years 3 - 6


The lesson plans that follow are designed to support and enhance the national curriculum literacy strategies, and also to provide an enjoyable, unique and accessible introduction to Latin for large mixed-ability classes [read more].

Primary Latin Course

Hands Up Education

Years 3 - 6


Welcome to our Primary Latin Course, designed to help primary schools deliver Latin and Roman civilisation - online and for free - without the need for any background in Latin [read more].

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