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Since 2017 Scheme Support has helped teachers, subject leaders and senior leadership teams choose the right scheme of work for them. Our aim is to present the best of education publishing world for every budget and school. 

Founded by a working primary school teacher, Scheme Support is an independent and impartial directory that lists every scheme of work for the 2014 National Primary Curriculum.


A professionally published scheme of work should never replace teachers' planning, their autonomy, or act as a script. Instead we believe schemes of work can act as a bedrock for planning and sequencing lessons to support teachers with the vast amount of subject knowledge they need

We believe that there is no need to 'reinvent the wheel' when it comes to lesson planning and that creating teaching content from scratch is not something that should be forced upon a busy teacher - especially those new to the profession. In PPA sessions up and down the country too much of lesson planning comes from Google searches, private USB sticks or from resourcing websites that the teacher has had to personally pay for. To us, this has always seemed an inconsistent and unreliable way of planning. Investing in a scheme of work can help enormously. 

We're also keen on tackling misconceptions about what educational publishers do, and highlighting the real value in workload reduction and teaching content that they can bring. 


We always welcome feedback from teachers and publishers alike as to how we can improve, so please get in touch below. 


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