Passionate about quality teaching content

Founded by a working London primary school teacher, Scheme Support aims to promote the use of quality teaching content in schools. It's a no-nonsense directory that provides one easy place for almost every scheme of work available for each subject. Rather than listing apps or supplementary products, Scheme Support focuses on schemes of work that meet the objectives for the subject requirement in the 2014 National Curriculum. This helps schools prepare for the new Ofsted Framework from September 2019 in the context of developing a deep and rich curriculum with plenty of subject knowledge. 


Scheme Support believes a good scheme of work reduces teacher workload and improves student outcomes. That said, a scheme shouldn't be used as a script that takes away teacher autonomy. Rather, it can:


  • act as a bedrock for planning and sequencing lessons - helping primary teachers with the vast amount of subject knowledge needed to teach over 12 different subjects in the school week;

  • provide quality resources so teachers don't spend their own time creating worksheets and interactive whiteboard presentations from scratch - or even worse rely on free and dubious resources from Google searches;


  • contain key aspects of knowledge and questioning for each subject, whilst detailing common misconceptions so teachers can identify gaps in learning.


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