As an experienced London-based primary school teacher I offer a combination of skills and advice for educational publishing and edtech companies.

Establishing and building Scheme Support has given me tremendous insight into the marketplace for schemes of work and content-based products. This combined with seven years teaching in the state sector means I bring an analytical mind and invaluable classroom experience to projects in the edTech and educational publishing space.

I work on a consultancy basis in three areas:

  1. Content creation - design and execution of one-off lessons or whole schemes of work for KS1 & KS2 classrooms.

  2. Improving teacher engagement - advice on how to market to schools, including improving product retention and re-subscription rates. 

  3. Product development - get inside the minds of busy teachers and understand pitfalls in designing for classrooms as well as current gaps in the market.


I'm passionate about education - evidence, content, recruitment & retention - and love talking to likeminded people about it. If you'd like to chat further get in touch at, or use the form below.



Robert Pokorny, Teacher & Founder of Scheme Support

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