I've now spent almost a decade teaching in London state schools as well as working on several projects with a host of educational publishers, EdTech startups and charities since founding Scheme Support in 2017. With this unique experience on both sides of the educational publishing environment - as a user and creator - I have a clear perception of what is needed in the classroom (physical or virtual) and how to ensure your product is used time and time again by busy teachers. Read on to see how Scheme Support can help develop and refine your curriculum product.


Robert Pokorny
Teacher & Founder, Scheme Support

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Our Services

Advising how teachers use materials in the classroom and what they look for most when choosing education content. Get 'inside the mind' of a teacher for your product development roadmap.


Content Creation

Writing and designing schemes of work, lesson plans and interactive whiteboard presentations across all primary subject areas. Experience with multiple teaching and design platforms including ActiveInspire, Figma and Google Classroom.  Editing and proofreading existing schemes of work and classroom materials to ensure the tone and vocabulary is aligned to the age group it is aimed at. 


 Market Insights
As the UK's most popular educational curriculum directory, we're uniquely placed to bring crucial website traffic data showing the most in-demand subjects combined with continuous dialogue and feedback from our users - teachers, subject leaders and senior leadership teams - about what they look for in curriculum resources. As experienced teachers, we know how and why materials are used (or not) in the classroom.  

Recent projects

  • Researching, designing and writing weekly content for a PSHE/SMSC curriculum platform across all key stages. 

  • Designing a primary science curriculum for an e-learning platform, taking into account the adaptive learning features of the product. 

  • Mapping out bespoke KS2 English and Maths schemes of work for an online app store, enabling parents to better use educational apps in a home schooling context.

If it sounds like we can help develop, advise or refine your product please get in touch at or use the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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