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Compare Primary Maths Assessment Materials & Tests

Whether for KS1 or KS2, below is a comparison of maths test and assessment packages. As many maths schemes will come with assessment materials, this list is for stand-alone packages.

Assessment packages like these can be used for SAT preparation, end of topic tests or gap analysis. Scheme Support is also a member of the Amazon Associate programme. We receive a small affiliate revenue from any Amazon product link you purchase from below. This revenue goes towards supporting the site.

Maths Progress Tests for White Rose


Years 1 - 6

Assess pupils’ arithmetic and reasoning skills with questions that use the latest SATs style language to help build familiarity and confidence for the KS2 maths tests. Measure progress every half term with tests that follow the White Rose Small Steps. Check pupils are on track for the expected standard with guidance and clear SATs style mark schemes.

Pupil Books: Year 1 · Year 2 · Year 3 · Year 4 · Year 5 · Year 6 

Access Mathematics Tests

Rising Stars

Years 3 - 6 +

Gain valuable insight into your pupils’ maths ability with AMT; a wide-ranging, standardised and flexible assessment for pupils aged between 7 and 16. Whether you’re using as a screening test to better understand where each child in a cohort sits against a national average, or to identify children with Special Educational Needs, AMT is available in paper and digital format, and comes with free online reporting for both, so you can analyse results in an easy and digestible format [read more].



Years 1 - 6

One-off Purchase

These tests support Assessment without levels in primary schools and provide a complete online diagnostic analysis system (Know Your Pupils) to assist teaching and learning.

Learning by Questions

Learning by Questions

Years 1 - 6

Annual Subscription

The teaching app that harnesses the power of continuous formative assessment and immediate feedback in the classroom.

Maths Assessment from Professor Assessor

Professor Assessor

Years 1 - 6

You get much more with Maths Assessment from Professor Assessor. Its deep thorough content ensures high confidence summative assessment whilst it's breadth, incredible 20,000 question bank and unique rich features ensure formative assessment, homework, interventions, extension work and SATS preparation are as thorough and enjoyable as possible. [read more].

Maths Reasoning Scaled Score Tests

HeadStart Primary

Years 1 - 6

Our scaled score tests have been designed to help teachers assess pupils’ progress against end-of-year, age-related expectations and have been matched to objectives from the Maths National Curriculum. The tests are designed to be used at any time during the school year to measure progress against curriculum objectives. All curriculum objectives are covered across all 3 tests for each year group. Raw score/scaled score conversion charts are supplied with the tests to help facilitate effective progress tracking [read more].

Years 1 - 6 offers 100s of online primary maths assessments that cover every National Curriculum objective from Y1 to Y6. Instead of spending time creating your own tests, choose from one of these gap analysis assessments. You’ll not only save time creating tests, but no more time photocopying either [read more].

NFER Maths Tests

National Foundation for Educational Research

Years 1 - 6

NFER’s age-appropriate maths assessments enable you to reliably assess pupils’ attainment and progress in and across years 1-6. Trusted by thousands of schools, and based on over 75 years of assessment research, NFER’s standardised assessments have been carefully developed by subject experts, in collaboration with maths teachers, to ensure the highest quality. Our maths tests are also supported by a free online tool to help you easily interpret your tests data and generate performance reports [read more].

NTS Assessments

Rising Stars

Years 1 - 6

One-off Purchase

Familiarise your pupils with National Test-style reading and maths papers whilst confidently measuring termly performance against thousands of pupils nationally.


Rising Stars

Reception to Year 6

Termly tests enabling you to reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages in maths. Standardised on over 10,000 pupils in 2019/20/21. Available in paper and auto-marked online format [read more].

Primary Mastery Assessment Materials


Years 1 - 6

Working with the Maths Hubs programme, we have produced a set of questions, tasks and activities supporting teaching for mastery. These are mapped against the key topics of the primary National Curriculum for maths. They will help you assess the degree to which your pupils have mastered the curriculum [read more].

Progress Test in Maths

GL Assessment

Years Reception - 6

The Progress Test in Maths (PTM) assessments enable you to accurately measure how your school and your pupils are performing – pupil by pupil, class by class and year by year. Standardised on over 45,000 children, the easy-to-use tests assess students’ mathematical skills and knowledge, helping you to understand current levels of attainment and identify any gaps in learning at both an individual and cohort level [read more].

Progress and Assess Maths


Years 1 - 6 

Subscription/One-off Purchase

Progress and Assess is a robust toolkit for tracking children’s attainment and progress in Maths, Reading and Science. Embedded in our ActiveLearn Primary programmes, or available to purchase separately, Progress & Assess provides you with a clear picture of where each child is performing against Age‑Related Expectations.

Star Maths

Renaissance Learning

Year 1 - 6


Renaissance Star Maths is a computer-adaptive assessment, using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to adjust dynamically to each child’s unique responses. The tests can be taken at any time throughout the year and as often as results are required.



Years 1 - 6

Annual Subscription

Trusted by thousands of teachers for over 20 years. Delivering purposeful assessments that meet your pupils’ needs.

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