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For the classroom or online learning, we help primary schools improve the intent, implementation and impact of their curriculum. Scheme Support compares over 300 schemes of work across 26 subjects from the world's best educational publishers.

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So what is a scheme of work?


A scheme of work (or sometimes called a programme of study) is a long-term plan of everything a student needs to know in a given subject, and how they get there. They may come with daily plans, interactive whiteboard resources and other supporting resources.

What we can help with:


Founded by a working primary school teacher, we're passionate about promoting the value that professionally published schemes of work can bring to teachers and students. We believe embedding a scheme of work can help ensure progression and consistency throughout the year, especially during the current period of school disruption and home-learning.


What's more:

We think schemes of work shouldn't be seen as a 'top-down' script for teaching, but rather a way of helping primary school teachers with the incredible amount of subject specific knowledge they need to teach the whole curriculum. 

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We publish a regular blog about using schemes of work in the classroom, including posts from guest contributors.