We organise teacher focus groups for edtech and beyond

Scheme Support connects everyone from education publishers, EdTech startups and policy makers to a network of working primary school teachers. ​A focus group of teachers enables real-time reaction and feedback to product ideas or research and development initiatives. We organise tailored groups of anywhere between 2 and 20 teachers from a range of primary education settings.

  • SEN (Special Educational Needs) specialists

  • Teachers in MAT (Multi-Academy Trust) settings

  • Year group leads/budget holders

  • NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers)

As our teacher participant network is based around the Greater London area, focus groups meet in central London for ease of access. The teachers we use are working primary school teachers, so groups generally begin from 7pm from Tuesday to Thursday.  Weekend focus groups can also be arranged. 

For more information about how we could help your organisation better understand the needs of primary school teachers, please email robert@schemesupport.co.uk

How it works


Using a network of teachers from


  • act as a bedrock for planning and sequencing lessons to help primary teachers with the vast amount of subject knowledge they need in order to teach over 12 different subjects in the school week;

  • provide quality resources so teachers don't spend their own time creating worksheets and interactive whiteboard presentations from scratch - or even worse rely on free and spurious resources from Google searches;


  • contain the key aspects of knowledge and questioning for each subject, whilst detailing common misconceptions so teachers can identify gaps in learning.



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