Primary art and design deserves proper planning too!

June 29, 2018


The teaching of art and a design at KS1 and KS2 is explicitly set out in the 2014 National Curriculum and expectations of content taught are high. However we've all been guilty (present company included!) of not giving art the attention is deserves in the timetable. It's a subject that can often be the first to be chucked off the week when there is so much to cram in. 


It's also one of those subjects - like music and languages - that many primary teachers don't have the required subject knowledge in. So much of teacher training is filled with an emphasis on maths and english that honing ones' skills in art and design often doesn't happen until much later in a teachers' career. 


We that in mind  art and design is a subject where using a scheme of work can really help. We've spent a few months researching the best schemes out there, and, although there aren't as many as for maths or grammar, the ones that are available will prove very useful for teachers unsure of where to start with planning for art and design. 


There are those comprehensive schemes that come with all a teacher needs to pick up and lesson and go. Twinkl's Art & Design planning comes with interactive whiteboard presentations and fantastic pupil materials as done PlanBee's.


If you're looking for an easy to use teachers' handbook for basing a larger scheme or curriculum from, then Bloomsbury Publishing has both Teaching Primary Art and Design by Emily Gopaul and the Art Express series by Julia Stanton.


Hopefully that's enough to get you started. Check out the rest of the art schemes we list over at our art & design scheme directory. And don't forget design & technology too!


Please also let us know at if you know of a great art scheme that we don't list. 



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