Choosing Phonics and Maths Schemes of Work

February 16, 2018


You may have seen the occasional link on some of our subject pages at Scheme Support pointing you in the direction of a useful document either from a consultancy or elsewhere. In this blog post we’ll put them all into one place. 


Choosing a scheme can be a complex process that must take into account budget, the right year groups and most importantly what you know works. If you’re choosing a phonics scheme of work then the Department of Education has a series of very helpful documents containing evaluations from some of the most popular phonics schemes with information on if they match the governments' phonics criteria. 


Perhaps the next most popular scheme of work in primary schools is a Maths Scheme. Third Space Learning has reviewed the seven most popular primary maths schemes in a very easy-to-digest format; scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the .pdf.


Finally, some advice on choosing a scheme of work generally. Suzanne Terrace posting at Maths No Problem has some excellent advice on choosing the right scheme of work for your school, and most importantly how to avoid some common pitfall when using a scheme. 


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