How a PSED App can Bridge School and Home Learning

Updated: Jan 17

We welcome a guest post from Liam Govey at 1decision, who's scheme of work you can find on our PSHE and RSE pages.

When it comes to bridging the gap between home, school and the wider community, it can often be difficult. Thankfully, the new 1decision RainbowSmart App is here to do just that.

Taking the Rainbow Drops from the big screen in the school to the small screen at home is one of many steps toward educating our children beyond the classroom. Often children will leave the classroom and feel that the education ends there and then, but it’s so important for children to realise that education continues at home and in the community.

Purpose built for parents and carers, the RainbowSmart app allows this education to continue, providing content that’s interactive, informative and enjoyable. Through the Rainbow Drops, children are given relatable situations to consider in light of their own day-to-day lives. The situations that the Drops find themselves in are tailored toward learning through experience, centred primarily on knowing how to make positive decisions. Making good decisions is a crucial part of child development. Even as adults, we consistently make important decisions on a daily basis.

What kind of decisions do we need to support children with? Anything from being a safe passenger in the car, right through to overcoming a fear of flying. Other decisions centre on dealing with more sensitive issues like grief, racism and ableism. At 1decison we believe that breaking down barriers is a vital part of development, and realising this from an early age can only benefit children in the longer term. Given this commitment, the app also has flash cards to help with those potential vocabulary barriers, and support children’s communication further.

When we consider that a lot of important issues in a child’s life occur at home, having the 1decision curriculum readily available can only be beneficial. Say for instance that you’re about to move house, and your child is concerned about the change. One of our read-to me storybooks, ‘Orange Moves House’, can offer something relatable and interactive to potentially ease concerns. Perhaps your child is more of a visual learner, and you’d like to encourage a healthier diet. Watching one of our cartoons, ‘Green’s Greens’ may provide the motivation for this.

As well as dealing with issues related to home and school, the RainbowSmart app can also help deal with issues relating to the wider community. Stories like ‘Why Does Purple Play Differently?’ remove any complexities around helping children understand autism. Furthermore, our stories are available in either read-to-me or cartoon form to support all learning styles. The RainbowSmart app also supports children in understanding complex issues of race and discrimination through storybooks like ‘Yellow Wants to Play With Orange’.

In addition to all of this content, the RainbowSmart app also provides many mindfulness videos to support and maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.

At 1decision, we believe in prevention rather than a cure. By this, we mean ensuring that children begin to develop a moral sense of right and wrong at the earliest possible stage. In doing so, we look to help prevent certain societal issues at the root rather than dealing with them after they occur. A great deal of our societal failures - substance abuse, knife crime, sexual abuse, racism - stem from overlooking this notion of prevention at the earliest stage.

With a lot of studies showing that young children are better equipped to learn languages than adults due to a wider capacity for learning, the likelihood is that the same can be said for morals and ethics. With the launch of the new 1decision RainbowSmart app, we look to help with providing this firm basis for later life.

To download the RainbowSmart app, you can visit the App Store or Google Play here, or search for RainbowSmart.